Monday, June 02, 2008

Six More Weeks

My belly is gigantic, I can't bend over, and my feet swell in the evening. If I can get comfortable enough to sleep at night, then the heartburn or need to pee wakes me up. Oh yeah, my legs ache at night, too, or my pelvic bone. grr. I'm measuring big, the last u/s estimated a 9-10lb. baby. Isaac and Lydia were 2 lb and 1 lb. bigger than their estimations. boo hoo. I know I'm whining....I'm entitled, I think. and if I can't moan on my own freaking blog, where can I?

However, my kids are adorable, and Isaac reminds me daily that there is a baby boy in my belly, although he cannot remember the secret name....which is probably better for us! hehe. Lydia's personality comes out more and more each day, and she's funny as heck. Isaac is becoming so much more aware of the world around him, and I love that we can have actual conversations now.

We're going camping this weekend with some friends from church, and I'm very much looking forward to it. I know, it's crazy. We bought a very nice, elevated air mattress for our gigantic tent, so I think we'll be okay. There's room for my pillow nest and my husband, so that's good!

Oh yeah, and I think I have nearly everything I need for baby #3, despite the fact that some things I was supposed to get earlier didn't work out. I just need to get out Isaac's baby stuff and wash it along with the other stuff I've bought. So, despite the third trimester aggravations, I'm doing okay. blah.

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Mainline Mom said...

Oohhh so exciting. I set aside some 6-9 month winter clothes for you, so I just need your address. It's not a ton, but they're cute. A couple of winter coat type things too.