Friday, August 01, 2008

Summer Faces

Summer Faces
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We spent the better part of two weeks traveling through Michigan and staying with family. I'm definitely enjoying getting outside and playing with the kids. Isaac and Lydia have the beautiful sun-kissed tan look, which I've NEVER had, and they are getting out and playing a lot. I have to say that NOT being pregnant in the summer is EXCELLENT!

While in Jackson the kids got to swim in Cranberry Lake at PawPaw and Shoop's, and they also got to spend an afternoon with Granny Jumber and their cousin, Cecillia. When we stayed at my folks house, my dad went and bought them a slip and slide, and we had acquired a kiddie pool as well, so that was fun. We also took an afternoon to spend at a local playscape, and got KFC as a picnic.

The trip was not without it's mishaps though: while spending an afternoon with our friends, the Aldermans, Isaac stuck a small button up his nose. Dala came downstairs after Isaac had napped in her room with one of those small ziploc bags that extra buttons come in saying, "I don't want to alarm you, but there was a button in here, and I can't find it." The words were no more out of her mouth when Isaac piped up with, "I put the circle in my nose, Daddy! I put the circle in my nose." With the help of a flashlight, we did find it, and after showing Isaac how to blow a "snot rocket" (you cringe, but I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't know what I mean!), out it came on the first try! Yippe for not having to visit the emergency room while on vacation! For those of you counting, the the last seven months, Isaac has swallowed a quarter, chipped a tooth, and put a button up his nose. Also, while getting ice cream, Lydia did a nose dive off a picnic table onto a cement slab and put a beautiful road rash on her forehead. I'll try to get a picture of that later!

Simon is doing well, and hasn't hurt himself in anyway, but I'm going to post his story seperately, as he's growing like a weed.

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