Sunday, October 19, 2008


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I didn't think the leaves would ever begin to fall, but at last, they have! And now, in the course of one week, one of our largest trees are nearly completely bare. The kids are having a blast playing in the giant pile at the bottom of the slide, though. Amazingly enough, they both looked at the camera with decent expressions and I caught it on film...a rare occasion.

I go for Isaac's IEP (Individual Education Plan) October 27th, my fingers can't take much more of this. I've had to put band aids on my thumbs! I wish I had some clue as to what they were going to tell me. I'm going to be in such a distracted fog for the next week. blah.

However, we are all doing well, and I am SO looking forward to my annual scrapbooking weekend at Higgins Lake with my friends from back home. I think it's roughly three weeks away. It will be so nice.,......too bad it's only a weekend, but I know I'll miss Isaac and Lydia terribly, too. (Simon's going with me this time.) And then comes the press to Christmas.....this time of year goes by so fast, but I love it.

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